Sir Francis Ronalds and his Family


Sir Francis Ronalds' picture of "Samuel" (1829) made using his perspective drawing instrument; also probably engraved and printed by him. Based on Richard Freebairn's model of Sir Joshua Reynolds' painting. From Mechanical Perspective

Sir Francis Ronalds


Sir Francis Ronalds: Father of the Electric Telegraph (2016)
- published by Imperial College Press

Francis Ronalds (2017)
- published in the Dictionary of Unitarian & Universalist Biography

Sir Francis Ronalds' entry in the Dictionary of National Biography (1897)

Electrical Science and Engineering

Francis Ronalds (1788-1873): The First Electrical Engineer? (2016)
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Sir Francis Ronalds and the Electric Telegraph (2016)
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Bicentennial of Francis Ronalds' Electric Telegraph (2016)
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Remembering the First Battery-operated Clock (2015)
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Sir Francis Ronalds' early delineation of electromotive force and current (1814)

Sir Francis Ronalds' paper on his first electric clock (1815)

Sir Francis Ronalds' Descriptions of an Electrical Telegraph (1823)

Catalogue of Sir Francis Ronalds' electrical library (1880), (2013)

Meteorology, Atmospheric Electricity, Geomagnetism and Photography

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The Beginnings of Scientific Recording using Photography: Sir Francis Ronalds' Contribution (2016)
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Sir Francis Ronalds' paper describing his cameras (1847) - published by the Royal Society


Surveying the Carnac Stones in 1834 - published by Histories of Archaeology Research Network - a blog

Alexander Blair & Sir Francis Ronalds' Sketches at Carnac (Brittany) in 1834

Sir Francis Ronalds' lithograph of a standing stone near Carnac, Brittany (1834) made using his perspective drawing instrument

Sir Francis Ronalds' Family

Sir Francis' Sisters and Brothers

Alfred Ronalds' The Fly-fisher's Entomology (1836)

Sir Francis' Cousins

Ronalds Nurserymen in Brentford and Beyond (2017)
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